The Life and Times of Virtual Big Bend

Virtual Big Bend was born in November of 2002. At that time I was working for a company, sitting in a cubicle, longing for the Big Bend. Months earlier I had begun researching how to make interactive panoramic photos on the web. So, I figured out how to marry two passions in my life: photography and Big Bend. I started photographing my first interactive images in December of 2002, but I was still a bit rusty. So, after 6 more months of practice and research, I was finally able to "perfect" the art of interactive panoramas. In June of 2003, I officially launched the first Virtual Big Bend website complete with 4 views of Big Bend National Park. Now, 10 years later, I am still taking interactive panoramas of the park and I am proud to present to you the latest Virtual Big Bend with over 60 views of the park. Be sure to like us on Facebook where you'll receive notifications of the latest interactive panoramas.